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Friday, July 31, 2020

How to learn from mistakes?

Motivational Stories.

How to learn from mistakes ( Episode-1)

 Our goal is to stop repeating the mistakes, Mistakes can happen in many ways in everyone’s day to day life. In that, I would like to explore only 2 mistakes that everyone needs to learn and correct.

  1. Own mistakes 

  2. Other’s mistakes

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 1.Own Mistakes

         You cannot learn from your mistakes until you admit that you have made a mistake. For example, we can refer to Thomas Alva Edison’s Assistant story, everybody knows that Mr. Edison was a great Inventor in the world. While he was in the electric bulb invention process, kept some assistants. 

          Mr. Edison spends so many years to make the Electric bulb model. Once successfully finalized the electric bulb model, he was ready to demonstrate with important attendees at Menlo Park which is currently called Menlo Park Museum or Edison’s memorial tower in the US. All attendees were waiting at the Menlo park with eagerness to see the electric bulb model. Mr. Edison was on the stage to show the electric bulb model, and Edison has called one of his assistant to bring the model bulb to the stage. unfortunately, while walking in the stage the bulb has felt down and broken into pieces. All attendees were shocked and possibly Mr. Edison could be heartbroken. After a few minutes, Edison has told attendees that will make another bulb and will demonstrate in the same stage at Menlo Park. 

          Mr. Edison took a few more years, I’m not sure about the exact duration to make another bulb. Once the bulb was ready, Mr. Edison has appeared at Menlo Park on the same stage with attendees. He called his assistant to bring the bulb, everyone was shocked, and few have asked why did you ask him to bring the bulb hence last time the same assistant has broken the bulb. Mr. Edison has replied politely that he has learned from his own mistakes and he will not repeat the same, hence he knows the value of the bulb, time, and hard work and etc. moreover Mr. Edison said that f I asked new or some other assistant to bring the bulb, might have a chance to broke once again. By the way, the assistant carefully carried the electric bulb model to the stage and the invention was so successful. 

 From this historical event, If a person made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that person will repeat the same mistake and possibly have chances to learn from their own mistakes. 


2. Other’s Mistakes

         How to learn from other’s mistakes? Well. the time is precious, possibly the human lifespan has been decreased compared to the previous century. So, we do not have enough time to learn everything from our own mistakes, possibly we can learn from other’s mistakes as well. 

          For example, we can refer to another historical story from King Alexander the Great. In the 3rd century, Alexander was about the capture of a country, his battalion was moving forward towards the win. While moving forward with his battalion, there was a small river, and forces were tried to cross the small river with the help of their horses. Few forces were felt down into the river with their horses.

 Alexander was realized that 60 to 70 percent of the river’s width could be jumped by the horse. While his turn to cross the river, his horse jumped the river and once reached the maximum level of the width, Alexander jumped out of the horse and reached the next side edge of the river, his battalion also started to follow the same trick and then Alexander captured the country, that was the epic.

 From this story, we came to know that instead of repeating the same mistake, Alexander was figured out from his battalion members, while crossing the river. So moral of the story is we can learn from the other’s mistakes also.

 Likewise, there are a lot of ways to correct our mistakes and be successful. Mistakes are stepping stones for a successful life when we correct and should not repeat the mistakes.

 Well, the next episode will discuss “how to CORRECT the mistakes” 

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