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Friday, July 31, 2020

Repeated History of Pandemic

Repeated History of Pandemic - ( Episode - 1 )


What is Pandemic?  

If we want to know about Pandemic, first we should about an Outbreak and an Epidemic. 

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Ok, let’s start with Outbreak, 

  1. An outbreak is a sudden occurrence of disease to a single or multiple persons in a particular area. Ex: In China’s Wuhan market had few coronavirus cases, at the end of 2019, that was an outbreak, so now we came to know what is an outbreak.

  1. Next, epidemic, If the outbreak disease is not controlled quickly and rapidly spread across a region or a country, its an epidemic. For example, COVID19 rapidly spread across China from Wuhan.

Now we cleared about, Outbreak and Epidemic. let s move forward to the pandemic,

  1. If the epidemic spread across multiple countries or continents are Pandemic. “If a disease rapidly spread across all countries”. That is pandemic. Practically, we can say that from china to all countries coronavirus has been spread out. So now, we come to know that what is Pandemic. 

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So, What is the History of Pandemic, that’s a hilarious question right? Ok, let us look into it.

  Is it coincidence or well-connected destiny, approximately every 100 years, the world devastated by pandemics, that takes millions of lives along. Now let us look at the history of Pandemic. Pandemic has a long history. It has been started from the 2nd century onwards. More than 15+ pandemics have come so far. We are not going to look at all pandemics from the 2nd century. 

Let's look at the last 6 pandemics from the 17th century onwards. 


In the early stages of the 17th century, 3 million people lost their lives, due to the great plagues.

And then, 

In the early stages of the 18th century, the second wave of Plague killed around 600k people.

In the 19th century,  from 1817-1823, a series of Cholera, 6 outbreaks spread around the world. Killing millions of people, and there is no solid consensus on the death tolls

After that, In the early stages of the 20th century, from 1918-1920, the Influenza pandemic commonly known as Spanish Flu claimed the lives of 25-50 million approximately.

Now exactly 100 years later from Influenza or Spanish Flu. In the early stages of the 21st-century from   2019 to  2020, coronavirus has spread across the world, the coronavirus that's COVID-19 claimed the lives around 661k+ based on WHO report today, that is 30th July 2020,(more than half million) and still counting going is on…

In Between to 20th and 21st century, started a pandemic, and due to that pandemic disease, still, people are losing their lives. Can u guess which pandemic is that?  that’s HIV/AIDS. 1981 TO present days, HIV/AIDS has started to spread across the world, Approximately 25-35 Million people lost their lives and people started to live with it. 

The above all details were taken from WHO, Historical record and CDC, John Hopkins University, etc.

So, from all pandemics, we have learned a lot and changed the world.  From the 1st century to the 21st century, we are connected to different countries or continents in one or other ways. So, what is the solution? In the world, everything has two faces, like good and bad, happy and sad, man and woman, questions and answers, etc. likewise every problem has a solution, the solution will not come easily, Also every problem has many solutions, and our responsibility is to find the right solution. 

If not 100%, almost major outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics diseases have treatment, medicine, and vaccine. 

And I would like to say that, medical science is, one of the most scientifically progressive fields in the world, 

Vaccine for CORONA Virus

The good news is, researchers around the world, are developing more than 165 vaccines for the coronavirus. In that 27 vaccines are under human trails in different stages as per Newyork Times coronavirus vaccine tracker articles, dated 29th July 2020. 

Now take a deep breath and thanks to all Government officials, Doctors, Nurses, and Frontline representatives in the pandemic days.

Certain things take time, especially for vaccines will take a longer time for approval. So until finding a vaccine, we have to save ourselves from the coronavirus, WHO consistently giving us the guidelines to stop cluster and community spread.

So let us support together to fight against the CORONA virus. 

“Precaution is better is than cure from CORONA”

Corona may disappear by anytime once the vaccine is ready, but Never lose hope. Always have faith. Let’s pray for a better tomorrow. 

Stay Home - Avoid unnecessarily travel or roaming.

Keep a safe distance

Wear mask, 

Wash your hands often

Cover your cough, 

Any symptoms related to corona, Call to the respected National helpline. 

Remove all negativities, Be Positive, Stay Home, Stay safe

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